High Efficiency Coalescing Filter Elements

Coalescing filter elements manufactured by Engineered Technical Products (ETP) represent the latest technology in high efficiency coalescing filtration. These elements are designed for use with oil lubricated and oil flooded compressors to separate entrained oil from the discharge gas. Engineered to meet the most stringent separation requirements as well as the mechanical and structural features demanded by process gas compression systems, these coalescing filters can assure removal of all oil mist and deliver gas which is essentially oil free for all practical purposes. ETP coalescing filter elements provide performance advantages previously unattainable in the management of oil in gas compression systems. They offer a most economical solution to the ever-present problem of oil carry-over into the compressed gas stream.

Random fiber network is utilized in ETP coalescers to maximize oil particle’s capture. These coalescers are designed to remove 100% (percent) of all particles 1.0 micron and larger. The collection efficiency is 99%+ for particles between 1.0 to 0.3 microns. For particles below 0.3 microns, the capture rate is 100% again. Depending upon the efficiency of primary oil separation, operating temperatures, pressure, gas and flow rate, the oil removal at the coalescers can be high as 99.999% (percent).

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